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For those of you who haven't heard yet, all squid kids are getting ready to celebrate the final Splatfest! Splatfest number sixteen has the theme of Callie VS Marie! The Squid Sisters square off in this upcoming fight to determine who's the best! Will it be the energetic and optimistic Callie that wins? Or will the sassy pessimist Marie prevail? Pick a side and get ready to duke it out on July 22nd!

Miitomo users will probably have noticed by now that Splatoon is doing a promotion in celebration. The old Splatoon stage drops return as well as Ink Tanks and Squid Pins! Deck your Mii out in the latest gear and get ready to fight for your favorite! In coordination with the Splatfest, Miitomo users will be granted a pin of the winning Squid Sister once Splatfest is over. If I recall right, however, you can buy the opposite one for a limited time in the shop.

According to the official announcements, there's a special Callie and Marie course for Mario Maker too! Woohoo!

Finally, Callie and Marie amiibos (as well as recolors of the original Splatoon amiibos) have finally hit stores! Tap Callie or Marie to the Amiibo pad and get an instant concert set up! Each sister has an exclusive song as well. This seems like a fitting send off to the Splatfests which are, of course, parties in their own right. Just because our favorite duo of singing squids won't be performing Splatfest anymore doesn't mean we can't still see them sing! I hear they're performing live in Japan right now too!

Splatoon has been a HUGE hit since its release about a year and a half ago. The game has sold 4.27 million copies by March 2016 and was the fastest-selling new franchise on the Wii U in the United Kingdom. Talk about popular! The game has seen various updates since its release. We have been granted new weapons, maps and had game modes added or fixed. Shout out to players who remember what the old Urchin Underpass map used to look like! Nintendo had spoiled us all further with monthly Splatfests and lots of new gear. Even now as the game's features come to a halt we've been given a wide selection of new guns to wield. While they are reskins, their ability matchups will keep matches fresh for some time to come.

With the final Splatfest fast approaching, what do you think the future holds? Splatoon is one of Nintendo's latest new IPs and has shown incredibly promising results. People worldwide adore this game and there's been a lot of fan talk about a desire for a sequel. Others worry this is the end for Splatoon, but I personally think this is just the beginning. With the Nintendo NX due out next year and Splatoon being so well received and loved, I can't help but think they're working on something bigger. Could it be the desired sequel? Let's hope so! In the mean time the servers will be remaining online and while the number of players may decrease, I don't think that the game overall will become a ghost town any time soon!

Congrats to Nintendo for developing such an exciting and fun new IP. And thank you, Nintendo, for everything you have done to continue to make Splatoon a fun and enjoyable experience. Hopefully we'll see more squid kids in the future and with more features (IE: hairstyles and pants shops anyone?!).

In celebration of Splatoon's success and upcoming Splatfest, I'd like to feature some fanworks of Callie and Marie. Definitely check them out!
May the Freshest Win! by yoshiunityCallie vs. Marie by KittToonCALLIE vs MARIE. by Lucky-LuiStay Fresh! Callie and Marie by WalkingMelonsAAASplatoon in summer! by ta-ku-zou
Callie and Marie by efrejokStaaaay Fresh! by bellhengeStay Fresh! by thatLDSquid Sisters by ChocoChaoFunCalamari Dance! by Mega-Minx
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