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Hello everyone! I've updated the rules so before you join the group, please make sure you know them! Older members should read them too! Any changes to group policy will be updated here. You will all receive this in your watchers bundles whenever it has been updated, so please read! :)

:star:Joining the group::star:
:bulletred: Members are automatically accepted.

:star:Submitting to the Gallery::star:
:bulletred: Members are allowed to submit up to 1 (non-WIP) submission per day.
:bulletred: Submissions are subject to vote. Please be patient whilst we vote on submissions. We're a BIG group and get a lot of submissions daily. Give us 2 days before notifying us.
:bulletred: We are not a high quality group, but we expect to see love and effort in a deviation. Unfinished work, or work that has been scanned poorly (eg. hard to see the picture) will be declined.
:bulletred: Please make sure deviations are submitted into the correct folder!
:bulletred: If a deviation is declined for any reason, one of our moderators will leave you a message with their reasoning.

:star:We accept::star:
:bulletred: Drawings (hand drawn, tablet, digital work)
:bulletred: Photography
:bulletred: Hand-made merchandise, etc.
:bulletred: Literature
:bulletred: Cosplay
:bulletred: Pixel Work
:bulletred: Stamps
:bulletred: Memes
:bulletred: Comics
:bulletred: SOME 3rd party games
:bulletred: Original characters for any Nintendo game are accepted-make sure they are placed into the "Original Characters" folder!
:bulletred: 3rd party games ARE allowed, but to an extent. eg. Sega games like Sonic WILL make it in. However, if we feel that the submission is more geared towards another console, or favours an anime series etc rather than Nintendo, then we will decline.
:bulletred: Non-pornographic/sexual pairings. "Disney movie rules apply" to pairings people! We will no longer accept arts where the characters are a pairing situation and one character is underage. Regardless of the pairing, if one or both characters are underage and it's sexual it's not acceptable.
:bulletred: A little level of gore IS allowed (eg some blood, zombies, etc) as long as it isn't 100% over the top offensive.
:bulletred: Official models are allowed as long as they are used to create something new. If you have downloaded a model, updated it and/or posed it for a deviation, that is acceptable.

:star:What we don't accept::star:
:bulletred:Screenshots/edited screenshots. Sorry, but it's not original work!
:bulletred: Pornographic artwork, or artwork that is too offensive, nudity or fetish pics.
:bulletred: Photographs of your merchandise/game collection, etc. Merchandise you have made yourself is accepted though.
:bulletred: Part by part/Unfinished artwork. No WIPs!
:bulletred: Poor quality scans or photographs.
:bulletred: Uploading official Nintendo artwork and calling it your own is not accepted.
:bulletred: Posting of official renders is not allowed (IE: Taking this and calling it your own).
:bulletred: 3rd party games that we feel are geared towards another console more, or belong to an anime series, film, etc more. (eg. Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, etc will NOT be accepted. Sorry!)
:bulletred: Anything with My Little Pony. We simply don't want our gallery overrun with ponyfied characters and general pony images with small cameos.
:bulletred: Fetish artwork (IE: Bondage, Forced Slavery, Inflation, Stuffing, Vore, etc.)

Keep in mind we really don't want to see graphic details in drawings either. This means camel toes, nipples showing through the outfit, suggestive posing emphasizing inappropriate body parts, extremely in your face pants bulging, etc. We will decline even if "nothing is actually showing" because in these cases, they are even if the character is clothed.

:bulletred: We welcome most affiliates! Even if your group is not a Nintendo fan-art group, please feel free to send us a request-no doubt we'll accept!

One more thing...
Please don't ask for points or promote your donation pool on the comment section! These will be hidden. Thank you.
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LemmyKoopas1FanGirl Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Student Artist
Hi, I have Submitted this drawing into Pokemon Part 3 but yet it's sill to be accepted or decline . I have read your rules and I understand that this is a big group and it has been 2 days since I uploaded this to this site

Note: this picture is photographed as I don't own a scanner
(1 Reply)
SweetScout Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, I'm wondering if my SFM (Source Filmmaker) picture of Rosalina would be acceptable in the club.

Here's what it is:

Just curious since I'm not so sure about 3D-based pics like this. ^^;
(1 Reply)
kissingcyanide Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2015
Hello, I uploaded a picture of Zelda and it's not accepted nor declined... Is there any problem?
(1 Reply)
Irete Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015
Hi! Would it be ok for me to submit this picture?(… )
And which folder if so?
(1 Reply)
ArtySpartyGirl Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I wonder in which folder I can submit Xenoblade fanart? 
Just asking, because I know Monolith and Nintendo work together...
(1 Reply)
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